Marriage is a great decision, since it decides your future. After the Nikah ceremony, you will surely keep your spouse (husband or wife) happy for life. You cannot deny them their rights. Therefore, it is very important that you and your partner are both 100 percent sure of your decision. Sometimes, it may happen that due to a misunderstanding, your partner cannot decide whether marrying you is a good idea or not. But, if you are 100 percent sure and want your partner to feel the same, then you can consider using the Wazifa to make someone agree for marriage.

Wazifa to make someone agree for marriage

This wazifa to make someone accept the marriage works at all and will help your partner understand and fully accept the Nikah. This is the best way to marry happily with someone you like. Many times, people are in love with someone and want to ask for marriage, but they are too afraid of rejections, so that can make this wazifa make someone accept the marriage will definitely help.

Dua to make someone accept the marriage

You can practice this wazifa and do the dua for someone to accept the marriage before accepting your proposal and the possibility of acceptance will greatly increase. Many people have been using the dua to make someone accept the marriage for years and have achieved what they were looking for. Our baba ji is an expert in making the dua for someone to accept marriage in her name. This dua can change your life and make your lover marry you instantly.

The dua to make someone accept the marriage:

Recite “Bismillah HirRehma Nir Raheem” ​​101 times after each fazr namaz for at least 21 days before making dua to create love for you in someone’s heart and convince him to marry you, at all costs.

Wazifa will make the child accept the marriage

In general, girls are shy and cannot send their marriage proposal for themselves, but still, if you admire a man and he is good and virtuous to you, then you can practice wazifa for the boy to accept marriage and Insha Allah, sister, you will receive your marriage proposal at your door on your own. This wazifa to make the child accept marriage is a very powerful Islamic weapon in the hands of Muslim sisters who can use to obtain marriage proposals for their elections.

It is very important to perform wazifa and dua according to the guide of our baba ji because a small mistake can cost you the loss of your lover. So, if you’re sad because you can’t marry someone you really like, this wazifa to make the child accept the marriage can change your destiny in a few days.

You can share your problems with our Islamic Astrologer at any time in person or by email or call, do not worry, your secret will be absolutely safe with us. Talk to us now so we can create the best wazifa and dua for someone to agree to marry you.

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