Are you a sufferer of Buri Nazar or evil eye? Are you looking for a cure for the evil eye? The devastating effects of evil eyes include bad health, bad luck, enmity with everyone and failure in everything. The bad eye can affect children, adults, men and women. If you have lived a good life, but now your life has become a disaster, then it is nothing but an evil eye. You should come to us immediately and we will help you with wazifa for the evil eye in hadith. With this wazifa, the effect of the evil eye will diminish and gradually improve your life.

Buri Nazar Ki Dua in the Quran

Many people do not believe in the evil eye. But our beloved prophet Muhammad Salallahu Alaihi Wasallam (as) declared that the influence of the evil eye is true. Anything that is wrong in your destiny is only the effect of the evil eye. Sometimes, the sarcastic comment of their relatives or the jealousy of their friends or the admiration of a person without saying Masha Allah Alhamdulillah will result in Buri Nazar. Immediately you must perform buri nazar ki dua in the Quran and blow on the affected person.

When you do the wazifa for the evil eye in hadith, you will see that slowly the impact of the evil eye will diminish and the things that were against you will stop happening. But without performing the buri nazar ki dua, you can never reduce the effect of the evil eye. All you need to do is come to us and talk about your problem. We will tell you the exact issue and our Molvi Saab will protect you and prevent you from being affected by the evil eye.

Evil eye dua in the koran

Dua of the evil eye in the Qur’an: sometimes, your enemy who always desires your evil can see you badly or make you black magic, then also the dua of the evil eye in the Koran will help you. The dua is very effective and has been taken from the Koran. It will heal the impact of the evil eye and heal you. Everything that was the result of your enemy’s evil eye will no longer happen. You will feel a change in yourself and your environment. The evil eye dua in the Koran will protect you from the evil eye or any evil or bad things that may fall on you or your loved ones.

The best wazifa for hadith’s evil eye

The best wazifa for Hadith’s evil eye – Surah Ikhlas together with Surah Al-Falaq and Surah An-Naas is the best wazifa for Hadith’s evil eye. Recite these 3 Surah of the Holy Quran or Hadith three times in the morning and three times at night and blow on the person affected by the evil eye and Insha Allah, it will soon be cured. Keep doing it, until the whole effect of the evil eye completely ends the person. You can also blow it in a glass of water and have the person drink it or come to us and we will make a taweez of the three Surahs and then we will use it as an amulet on the neck. Insha Allah, you will heal and in the future, you will never be a victim of the evil eye.

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