The spell to turn friendship into love or make a friend come back can be used to repair a broken friendship. You can use our friends’ binding spell with lovers to get the most powerful result.

Spell to turn friendship into love

You may want to turn your friendship into romance. As such, you must use a spell to turn friendship into love.

Consequently, cast these spells

Enter their names in a pink candle with pins. First, tie some of your friend’s hairs around. Then, tie a copper wire to keep them tight. Now, click on a marker for each letter of the name. Then light the candle. Say an appropriate spell. Until the second pinfall, extinguish the candle. Repeat the process until the last pin. The day before, bury the melted wax and pins in a pot.

Again, write their names in a raw egg shell with green ink. Now, take a coconut shell or a wooden bowl. Add 3.5 ounces of honey, three lumps of sugar, broken egg with the peel, three fresh mint leaves, four teaspoons of henna powder, 13 whole peppercorns and three yellow rose petals. Now, cover it with a cloth. At dusk, throw it into a river. Then, say a spell three times and think about your friend.

Also, prick your left ring finger with a needle. In a glass cup pour three drops of blood. Let it dry. The next day, heat an iron iron. Now, add the dried blood. Wait until it turns to ashes. Put it in a red bag. Then, add the ashes to your friend’s food.

Therefore, you must consider the spell to turn friendship into love.

Spell to make a friend come back

The spell to make a friend return can work for each friendship. Destroy spiritual demons. Therefore, it makes people close friends for life.

In this regard, consider these spells;

On a paper write the name of your friend. Then, write that you want to be his friend again. Now, put your finger in a cup of water. Sprinkle some water on the paper. Simultaneously sing a spell three times.

Again, cast this spell at noon. Meditate for 2 or more minutes. After that you are ready. Now, sing a spell with your friend’s name. In a few days you will find your friend coming back. In addition, every day you will get closer and closer.

Also, write their names on paper. Now, put some sea salt, and five red rose petals and five white rose petals on top. Take a deep breath and think of pleasant moments. Point your index finger at the paper while exhaling. Now, sing a spell. Fold the paper several times. Finally, bury it at the foot of an old tree.

Also, take a pink candle. Spread with herbs or oils, such as gardenia, peas and rosemary. Place it on top of your printed selfie. Now, place it in a fireproof container. Light the candle and have happy thoughts. Now say a spell. Finally, when it burns halfway, blow it and keep it safe.

Spell to repair a broken friendship

Spell to repair a broken friendship, if you fight with your friend, use the spell to repair a broken friendship. It will fix things between you.

Therefore, consider these spells;

Carve any symbol on a pink candle. Now, meditate on your relationship. Then, look at the candle flame and say a spell. Again draw the symbol on paper. Write your feelings and sign your name below. Now, place the paper and a gift in an envelope. Seal it with candle wax. When you’re ready, say thank you and close the circle. Later, give it to your friend. Finally, have a sincere conversation with him.

Again, do this spell at noon on a Sunday or a Monday. Also, do it on a bright and sunny day. Engrave their names and birth dates on a white and a yellow candle. Then, place the yellow candle in the center under a tree. Also, place the white candle on its opposite side. Use your left hand to light the yellow one. Then turn on the other. Wait until the wax drips on the floor. Repeat the spell three times. Extinguish them with your little finger on your left hand. Tie them with yellow and green ribbons. Finally, bury them in public land.

Also, light an orange candle. Write your friend’s name on paper. Focus on him and recite the prayer. Within a few days, broken friendship can heal.

Therefore, you can apply a spell to repair a broken friendship.

Friends to Lovers Link Spell

The spell linking friends to lovers increases mutual respect. Strengthens the bond and overcomes the fear of commitment.

Consecrate five yellow candles with honey. Then light cinnamon incense. Now cut the top of the pumpkin and cup with a spoon. Store it in a white place for dinner. Write your friend’s name on paper. Place it inside. Then add your photo and five fishing hooks. Now, add some orange juice and honey. Put the pumpkin lid back in place. Secure it with pins and ropes. Call your deity and burn the candles. Repeat for five days. Finally, throw the pumpkin into the river.

Again, write their names on a pink candle. Tie your friend’s hair around him. Also, tie a copper wire to hold them firmly. Then, click with a candle on each letter of your name. Now, turn it on and say a spell. When you are halfway, turn off the candle. Repeat for several days. On the last day, bury the base of the candle, the melted remains and the pins in a pot.

Also, cast your circle with salt. Place a cauldron inside it. Now, add basil, bay leaf, sugar and cinnamon. Also, place a newspaper. Then, add rose quartz on its top. Now, place three white candles around your sitting position. Switch it on. Now, take your friend’s picture and draw a heart. Finally, cast your spell.

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