Today, you will not find a single person without an enemy in this world. The only difference is that some people continue to maintain their enmity for life while others move forward in their lives. If your enemy continues to torture you and is always looking for opportunities to hurt and hurt you, then you better get rid of that person. Dua to get rid of the enemies will divert your enemy’s mind from your side and will no longer attempt to harm you in any way.

Wazifa to destroy the enemy

Allah miyan has promised to help the helpless if you ask for His mercy. Then, when you recite dua to get rid of the enemies, Allah protects you from him and causes no harm to you or your family. With your firm belief in Allah Talah and Wazifa to destroy the enemy, you can actually eliminate the existence of your enemy from your life. He will not be able to create more problems in your life and you can live your life easily without your interference.

Strong dua to get rid of the enemies in Islam

Strong dua to get rid of the enemies in Islam: the continuous interference of your enemy in your life creates excessive thinking and you don’t concentrate on your work and your family. If your enemy is creating problems for you in business or speaking ill of you among your relatives or simply torturing you when coming in front of you from time to time, perform a strong dua to get rid of enemies in Islam. Insha Allah, very soon Allah Talah will create such circumstances that your enemy will never appear to you. Or your mind will become so strong that none of its actions can torture you or make any difference to you.

If your enemy has captured your land, property or house and does not move from there and you feel helpless, then do not give up. A strong dua to get rid of enemies in Islam will change your heart and leave the place on your own. He will never return in your life or create problems for you. He will become non-existent for you and everything will return to normal in your life.

Wazifa and dua to destroy the enemy

For the wazifa to destroy the enemy, you must contact our Molvi Saab. He has immense knowledge and will guide you with what you should do with your enemy as Allah Talah says “Punish your enemy only to the point where he has harmed you.”

Dua for the enemy – Surah Asr at night on anything solid. Burn them in fire and take your enemy name. Do this dua between the Namaz of Asr and Maghrib. The dua for the enemy is very effective and will never allow your enemy to harm you again. Be sure to make this dua in a state of ablution. Females should not do it during their periods.

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